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Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) is prepared to respond to emergencies. Our Emergency Management Program strives to minimize potential impacts to the public, the environment and the municipalities we operate in. This is achieved by our commitment to continual improvement through the development and implementation of emergency response plans, maintaining response equipment throughout our operating areas, liaising with local emergency responders and providing our employees with the skills they need to respond rapidly and safely to incidents. TEML is regulated by the National Energy Board and provincially through the Manitoba and Saskatchewan governments. We ensure that our program meets the requirements of all these regulatory bodies.

Our Emergency Management Program encompasses part of TEML’s Integrated Management System which also guides our Health and Safety, Security, Environment, Damage Prevention and Integrity programs.

The Emergency Procedures Manual details the actions we take in the event of an emergency such as a pipeline release. Our hazards are annually updated to address changes in our operations to ensure our plans reflect the most up-to-date information. Emergency phone numbers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 a year to respond to any potential emergency concerning our facilities and pipelines.

TEML has an obligation to ensure that the public and local emergency services are provided with our Emergency Procedures Manual. Some information such as employee and resident contact information has been redacted to protect the privacy of these individuals. TEML also maintains other plans to ensure the safety of the environment and surrounding communities. This includes Tactical Control Points downstream of our pipeline water crossings which are predetermined locations to respond to releases and Facility Response Plans which address facility evacuations and fire response information.

TEML’s Public Awareness Program ensures that landowners near our facilities and pipelines, Rural Municipalities, First Nations Communities and other parties are kept informed of any potential hazards in their areas. Any member of the public can call our emergency number in the event they suspect an emergency concerning our assets. We also recognize that in an emergency we may need to coordinate with local officials to ensure an effective response. Our Public Awareness Program develops the necessary contacts and relationships with these potential response partners before an incident occurs.

Fire Departments, Police Departments and detachments, EMS and Hospitals are liaised with annually to provide them with education on the hazards associated with the products we transport and store which include crude oil and natural gas liquids.

TEML has a robust training and exercise program that challenges our employees to remain prepared for any incident. Exercises are held annually to test the effectiveness of our Emergency Procedures Manual and other plans. Training for our staff include spill and fire response and Incident Command System (ICS). Training our staff in ICS ensures that we can operate effectively and can integrate easily with federal and provincial agencies who may have a role in the response.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of all our employees, contractors, emergency responders and the public when responding to an emergency. We encourage feedback on our Plan as part of our public consultation process. Requests for the Plan can be made by completing the request information below and pressing Submit.

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